Timeless beautiful lines meet strict design and clever functionality. Nimbus Coupé series has been refined to perfection since 1969 and sold more than four thousand boats around the world. With Nimbus Coupé series we strive to build the perfect boat for the conscious customer who enjoys social activities comfortable living easy handling and excellent long distance cruising properties.

Side-walk design concept

“Side-walk” is an asymmetrical deck layout where the side deck along the starboard side is extra wide and provides generous freedom of movement. It becomes convenient and enjoyable to move about on-board from bow to stern and easy to get on and off the boat along the entire starboard side. Maximum use is made of the interior volume, allowing the cockpit, saloon, lower deck and cabin to be larger than would otherwise be the case in a boat of this size. A feature of the Nimbus side-walk concept is the large flush fitted sliding door to starboard. The sliding door provides quick access when laying alongside and enables manoeuvring the boat from a standing position on the side deck.

Contemporary look and extremely quiet saloon

The saloon has an open Scandinavian layout with large flat surfaces and is light and airy, roomy and modern, but made cosy at the same time by special lighting, wood fittings and attractive seating and cushion covers.  The beautifully finished joinery in the saloon and cockpit exude a wonderful feeling of handcraft and quality. The large U-sofa seats 6-8. The dining table folds down into a cocktail table with glass holders, making the saloon a handy place for socialising.

Nimbus 405 Coupé

Lmax, Overall length 13,33 m / 43,8 ft
Lh, Length of hull 13,16 m / 43,2 ft
Bmax, Overall beam 3,86 m / 12,7 ft
Bh, Beam of hull 3,75 m / 12,3 ft
Ha, Air draught 4,23 m / 13,9 ft
Air Draught, folded mast 3,9 m / 12,8 ft
Th, Transport height 3,8 m / 12,5 ft
Thv, Transport height in cradle 4,00 m / 13,2 ft
Tmax, Draught 1,05 m / 3,5 ft
CoG, Centre of gravity 4,05 m / 13,3 ft
MLDC, max weight allowed (2 x D4/2 x D6) 11600/11850 kg / 25574/26125 Ibs
MLCC, Weight 8700/8950 kg / 19180/19732 lbs
MMTL, Max total load 2900 kg / 6393 lbs
Max people 12 Pers.
CE category B
Cabins 3
Berths 6
Fuel capacity 2 x 500 l / 2 x 132 US gal
Water capacity 2 x 200 l / 2 x 52,8 US gal
Hot Water capacity 40 l / 10,57 US gal
Waste capacity 135 l / 35,7 US gal
Start battery 1 x 12V x 77 Ah
Service battery 7 x 12V x 80 Ah
Service battery Heavy Duty 3 x 12V x 77 Ah
Frequency 50 Hz
Battery charger 12V 50 A
Shore power 230V AC